The 4 C's

Diamonds can be used to increase the value and significance of various pieces of jewelry, including engagement rings, wedding bands, bridal sets, n...

Diamond Types

Can you tell the difference between a lab-grown and an earth-mined diamond? The simple answer is no. Both appear to be visually amazing. A lab-grown diamond has the same qualities and performance as a natural diamond.

The Crown & Pavilion

Crown Height

The portion of the diamond that extends from the girdle to the top of the table is called the crown...

Crown Angle

The crown facets behaving as prisms play a crucial role in light dispersion...

Pavilion Depth

The amount of light returned by the stone is affected by the pavilion's depth...


A diamond certificate acts as a formal report on a stone's specifications. A diamond's internal markings, inclusions, and other properties are used to identify it.

Polish & Symmetry

The significance of a diamond's polish and symmetry in evaluating the overall quality of a diamond is roughly 50%. These two criterias are included in diamond certificates, also known as are grading reports. To obtain an ideal stone, the stone must have the proper polish and proportions...


Diamonds are a particularly unusual type of jewel. It features traits that have an impact on both cost and general quality. A feature's understanding can affect purchasing choices...

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