Kobelli Round Moissanite and Diamond Petite Bridal SetKobelli Round Moissanite and Diamond Petite Bridal Set

Round Petite Bridal Set

£1,169.00 £2,203.00
Kobelli Round Moissanite and Diamond Petite Engagement RingKobelli Round Moissanite and Diamond Petite Engagement Ring

Round Petite Ring

£780.00 £1,610.00
Kobelli Raina Diamond & Moissanite EarringsKobelli Raina Diamond & Moissanite Earrings

Raina Earrings

£1,821.00 £2,737.00
Kobelli Raphaela Diamond & Moissanite EarringsKobelli Raphaela Diamond & Moissanite Earrings

Raphaela Earrings

£1,762.00 £2,643.00
Kobelli Phoebe Diamond & Moissanite EarringsKobelli Phoebe Diamond & Moissanite Earrings

Phoebe Earrings

£1,677.00 £2,834.00
Kobelli Ophelia Diamond & Moissanite EarringsKobelli Ophelia Diamond & Moissanite Earrings

Ophelia Earrings

£1,660.00 £2,796.00
Kobelli Elizabeth Diamond & Moissanite EarringsKobelli Elizabeth Diamond & Moissanite Earrings

Elizabeth Earrings

£1,796.00 £2,694.00
Kobelli Raina Diamond & Moissanite NecklaceKobelli Raina Diamond & Moissanite Necklace

Raina Necklace

£2,202.00 £3,304.00
Kobelli Raphaela Diamond & Moissanite NecklaceKobelli Raphaela Diamond & Moissanite Necklace

Raphaela Necklace

£2,177.00 £3,266.00
Elizabeth NecklaceKobelli Elizabeth Diamond & Moissanite Necklace

Elizabeth Necklace

£2,126.00 £3,190.00
Kobelli Phoebe Diamond & Moissanite NecklaceKobelli Phoebe Diamond & Moissanite Necklace

Phoebe Necklace

£2,321.00 £3,474.00
Kobelli Margaux Diamond & Moissanite NecklaceKobelli Margaux Diamond & Moissanite Necklace

Margaux Necklace

£1,804.00 £2,711.00
Kobelli Ophelia Diamond & Moissanite NecklaceKobelli Ophelia Diamond & Moissanite Necklace

Ophelia Necklace

£2,092.00 £3,135.00
7.5ct Elsa RingKobelli Elsa Engagement Ring

7.5ct Elsa Ring

£1,609.00 £2,669.00
Kobelli Rayen Engagement RingKobelli Rayen Engagement Ring


£2,076.00 £3,118.00
Kobelli Rue Engagement RingRue


£1,948.00 £2,923.00
Kobelli Posy Engagement RingKobelli Posy Engagement Ring


£1,979.00 £2,965.00
Kobelli Erica Engagement RingKobelli Erica Engagement Ring


£2,046.00 £3,071.00
Kobelli Magnolia Engagement RingKobelli Magnolia Engagement Ring


£1,932.00 £2,898.00
Kobelli Oliver Engagement RingKobelli Oliver Engagement Ring


£1,987.00 £2,982.00
Kobelli Picotee Engagement RingKobelli Picotee Engagement Ring


£1,987.00 £2,982.00
Kobelli Rayen Bridal SetKobelli Rayen Bridal Set

Rayen Bridal Set

£3,008.00 £4,812.00
Kobelli Rue Bridal SetKobelli Rue Bridal Set

Rue Bridal Set

£2,880.00 £4,609.00
Kobelli Posy Bridal SetKobelli Posy Bridal Set

Posy Bridal Set

£2,910.00 £4,660.00
Kobelli Oliver Bridal SetKobelli Oliver Bridal Set

Oliver Bridal Set

£2,919.00 £4,672.00
Kobelli Picotee Bridal SetKobelli Picotee Bridal Set

Picotee Bridal Set

£2,919.00 £4,672.00
Kobelli Magnolia Bridal SetKobelli Magnolia Bridal Set

Magnolia Bridal Set

£2,864.00 £4,575.00
Kobelli Erica Bridal SetKobelli Erica Bridal Set

Erica Bridal Set

£2,978.00 £4,766.00
Kobelli Rhodes Engagement RingKobelli Rhodes Engagement Ring


£1,211.00 £2,267.00
Kobelli Mérida Engagement RingKobelli Mérida Engagement Ring


£1,050.00 £1,970.00
Kobelli prides itself on making jewelry with moissanite jewelry. Our rings are crafted with a durable 14 karat solid gold, which is perfect for people who lead active lifestyles and want a quality ring that will remain intact even if it gets caught in their hair while they're running up mountains or playing sports.