Kobelli Reiss Engagement RingKobelli Reiss Engagement Ring

Reiss 12x8

£2,793.00 £4,189.00
Kobelli Rosemarie Engagement RingKobelli Rosemarie Engagement Ring

Rosemarie 9.5mm

£1,524.00 £2,294.00
Kobelli Eloise Engagement RingKobelli Eloise Engagement Ring

Eloise 12x8

£2,400.00 £3,597.00
Oval Moissanite RingsKobelli Moissanite Oval

Orah 12x8

£2,002.00 £3,005.00
Kobelli 2 Carat Lab-grown Diamond Accented Ribbon Bypass Moissanite Engagement RingKobelli 2 Carat Lab-grown Diamond Accented Ribbon Bypass Moissanite Engagement Ring

Ribbon Ring

£1,025.00 £2,010.00
ErinKobelli London Collection Erin 2.45ct Emerald Moissanite Cathedral Engagement Ring


£969.00 £2,201.00


£1,565.00 £2,666.00
Ceri 8.5x8.5Ceri 8.5x8.5

Ceri 8.5x8.5

£1,879.00 £2,818.00
Moissanite Engagement RingKobelli Cait Engagement Ring


£1,321.00 £2,793.00
Oval Petite RingOval Petite Ring

Oval Petite Ring

£802.00 £1,617.00
Kobelli Rowan Engagement RingKobelli Rowan Engagement Ring

Rowan 9.5mm

£1,879.00 £2,818.00
Kobelli Peri Engagement RingPeri 12x8

Peri 12x8

£2,222.00 £3,335.00
Kobelli Oliver Engagement RingKobelli Oliver Engagement Ring


£1,985.00 £2,979.00
Kobelli Radiant-cut Moissanite and Diamond Engagement Ring 3 1/10 CTW 14k White Gold3-1/10ct.tw Radiant Drop Halo

3-1/10ct.tw Radiant Drop Halo

£997.00 £2,370.00
Kobelli Round Moissanite and Diamond Petite Engagement RingKobelli Round Moissanite and Diamond Petite Engagement Ring

Round Petite Ring

£779.00 £1,608.00
Pilot Radiant RingPilot Radiant Ring

Pilot Radiant Ring

£2,538.00 £3,809.00
7.5ct Elsa RingKobelli Elsa Engagement Ring

7.5ct Elsa Ring

£1,608.00 £2,666.00
Kobelli Elba Engagement RingKobelli Elba Engagement Ring


£1,167.00 £2,192.00
RaeKobelli London Collection Rae 2.7ct Radiant Moissanite Cathedral Engagement Ring


£1,015.00 £2,285.00
MargauxKobelli Margaux Engagement Ring


£1,396.00 £2,370.00
For couples who want to pop the question and celebrate their love, we have the perfect moment captured forever in a stunning moissanite engagement ring. When you choose our jewelry for your big day, we create an expert-designed ring as unique as your feelings of adoration. Give the person you love a timeless token of your commitment with one of Kobelli’s moissanite rings that capture everything about that special day.