Our Story

For 40 years, our family-owned business based in downtown Los Angeles, CA has been known in the industry for manufacturing stunning diamond-encrusted fine jewelry. ⁣

In 2017, we began to dip our toes in the lab-grown diamond sector as well to expand our sustainable efforts in creating beautiful diamond jewelry pieces that are not only good in looks and quality but also for the Earth.  

Instead of being mined from the Earth's surface, our lab-grown diamonds are created and grown in a lab right here in Southern California.

What are lab-grown diamonds?

Lab-grown, or “cultured”, diamonds are developed from the carbon seeds of pre-existing diamonds in a highly-controlled laboratory setting that replicates the natural growing environment of a mined diamond -- high pressure and high temperature. The only difference? They're made above ground in a lab.

In fact, they are physically, chemically, and visually identical to natural diamonds, so much so, that even a professional diamond dealer may not be able to tell genuine and lab grown diamonds apart with the naked eye or even under a jeweler's loupe. 

One thing that truly differentiates lab-grown diamonds from its naturally mined counterparts is its inexpensive price tag which is about 30% - 40% lower than natural diamonds. 

Why choose lab-grown?

Lab-grown diamonds are essentially the perfect choice for those who desire the prestige and luxury of a diamond without the hefty price tag. 

Because these lab-created diamonds are sustainably grown, they decrease the negative impact on the environment that normally comes with mining by not consuming and depleting our planet's natural resources. This in turn leaves less carbon footprint on Earth, making it eco-friendly as well.

Additionally, opting for lab-grown diamonds instead of naturally mined ones allow the consumer to practice conscious consumerism for those who desire to live their lives intentionally. When you choose a lab-grown diamond, you're making it a point to be responsible by not only knowing where your purchase came from, but also the impact it has on the world no matter how small it may seem.

Our Selection

Kobelli offers a great selection of fine jewelry pieces that are encrusted in lab-grown diamond centers and melee side stones. Most of our classic best-sellers also do have their lab-grown counterparts that are just as beautiful, if not better. 

You can pick an all lab-grown diamond piece or switch the center stone with a moissanite instead and pair it with small lab-grown side stones. 

Can't choose from our vast array of designs? Then, perhaps a custom piece is what you're yearning. Contact us today for bespoke pieces and we'll help bring your vision to life adorned with striking lab-grown diamonds of your choice!

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