A replica of the emerald cut diamond with a blend of princess cut, an asscher cut diamond has high clarity produced by its large step facets that reflects a significant amount of sparkle as light passes through its mirror steps. Derived from the Art Deco era, this is a vintage cut with a modern feel. Our stone sizing chart below shows the standard sizes and matching carat weights for asscher-cut diamonds to help you find your perfect fit.



For actual stone sizes and measurements, you can download our Asscher Stone Sizing Guide.



Asscher Size (mm)

Asscher Carat Weight

Asscher Size (mm)

Asscher Carat Weight

4 mm.

0.39 ct.

8 mm.

3.00 ct.

4.5 mm.

0.50 ct.

8.5 mm.

3.50 ct.

5 mm.

0.75 ct.

9 mm.

4.12 ct.

5.5 mm.

1.00 ct.

9.5 mm.

5.09 ct.

6 mm.

1.25 ct.

10 mm.

5.62 ct.

6.5 mm.

1.50 ct.

11 mm.

7.44 ct.

7 mm.

2.00 ct.

12 mm.

9.52 ct.

7.5 mm.

2.50 ct.

13 mm.

12.66 ct.